About Us

About Mensbagsociety.com

Mensbagsociety.com is a premium Men’s Bags and Accessories online store based in the Netherlands.

We launched in the beginning of 2014 with a focus on improving the e-commerce offering in cool and hip Men’s Bags and Accessories for young guys and men.

We offer a carefully selected mix of well-known and niche brands and combine this with a personalized online experience for our customers. Which leads to our shop where men can buy their latest addition to their wardrobe.

For us it is very important that the bags and accessories we offer are stylish but also fully functional in the broadest sense of the word.

Technical,Stylish,Functional,Cool bags and accessories but not mainstream.

Everything we do, we do because we like and want to do it. If we don’t like it we don’t do it.

Our company is ours but in a sense it’s also our customers, we sell the products we and our customers like.

We want to have the best user experience for our customers, because we also would want this for a shop where we would buy.

Treat your customer like you yourself would like to be treated.

Enjoy our site!