A Men’s Bag to distinguish yourself…..

A Men’s Bag to distinguish yourself…..

A Men’s Bag is not only Functional and practical.The Men’s Bag is nowadays a great way to distinguish yourself and compliment your identity. The diversity in shapes, types and colors in Men’s Bags has grown substantialy the last few years.

You cannot come in at work with your basic black laptopbag which you got for free with you laptop.

Also the highschool Eastpak Backpack from your past is also not done. No, these days you use for every occasion a different type of Men’s Bag.

For work  you use a nice laptopbag and in your free hours a cool backpack. Or you choose a weekender, a messenger bag, hell you could even go for a men’s shopper (also called tote bag). Especially the Tote is very hip in Asia currently.

The Men’s Bag is getting more attention from designers in means of design and color usage nowadays. Also materials are changing. Sandqvist has laptopbags made from canvas and leather trimmings. Hex is making bags with a wool structure.  Designwise you can see that Cote&Ciel is perfect example of newschool designs. Their designs differs from the majority of brands, it’s almost pieces of art.

Off course the most important thing for bags is functionality and everyday practical usage. Your laptop, notebook, phone and all your EDC gear needs to fit in and has to be safe. So combine the functionality and new design and you have what we are looking for constantly. Great bags which are cool and highly functional. A bag which reflects your personality and style.

In a nutshell, the Men’s Bag is simply stylish and cool and should get the attention it deserves.

Next to sneakers/shoes the bag is the Accesorry you can show off with.

Have a look in our shop. Brands like Sandqvist, Hex, Cote&Ciel, Incase, Penfield and Mi Pac are fully available. Our shop selects and curates a great offer offering a perfect combination between functionality and design.

The name says it all, we aim for Men!

But hey, women can have a look as well, even buy their Men a present 😉

Work Bag by HEX

Hex Supply Laptop Duffel


Incase Backpack

brand thumbnail - Incase


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